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Flowers and Nails

Welcome to Nail Nurse, the all natural nail & cuticle conditioner

Nail Nurse is an all natural formulation of top quality ingredients designed to condition and rejuvenate the cuticles and nails. Nail Nurse creates fortified, yet flexible nails through the incorporation of carefully chosen ingredients that work symbiotically to provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals, protein and amino acids, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Nail Nurse can be used during a manicure and pedicure. It aids in the process of pushing back the cuticles by softening them and protecting the surrounding nail tissues. And because prolonged use of acrylics and other nail embellishments can weaken nail layers, Nail Nurse makes the perfect addition as it helps to fortify nail tissues and cells.

As well as a nail care product for manicures/pedicures and nail enhancements, Nail Nurse is a valued treatment for everyday, natural nails. 

The contents of Nail Nurse work synergistically and provide a wealth of benefits. Nail Nurse:

seals in moisture

provides a protective barrier

is readily and easily absorbed

provides good penetration

allows properties of ingredients to be carried deep into nail

promotes collagen formation

rejuvenates and remoisturizes

has regenerative and restorative effects

adds shine and moisture

leaves a smooth, satin finish on nail

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Our product contains the finest ingredients available. Our product includes the following:




Essential Fatty Acids


Vitamin E

Its featured uses include:


Daily treatment for natural nails

Can be applied while wearing acrylics and other nail embellishments

It is nutrition for your nails!

And because we only use the finest, most natural ingredients to promote nail and cuticle well being, you can be assured that our product contains none of the following:

No lacquer

No toluene

No formaldehyde

No chemicals 

It is all natural, all amazing, all of the time!

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